Below find the Research Presentations from the 2017 PHRN Symposium. Where available, the presentation summaries are linked to the research presentation title. For abstracts see the full 2017 PHRN Symposium Program here. 


Lessons learned: Integrating housing first into a peer-led sex work organization, Leah Shumka, Rachel Phillips, Flora Pagan, Nadia Ouellet, Bernie Pauly, Bruce Wallace

Engaging people with a lived experience of homelessness, Lani Brunn and Marika Albert

Making a house a home: Aboriginal engagement and housing design in BC, Alison Butler, Emma Crane, Sam Hogg, Teresa Maddison, Twyla Smith

Improving experiences in Vancouver winter shelters: an interdisciplinary investigation, Katie Tweedie and Adam Maitland

DATA MEASURES & COOL MAPS Panel Presentations

Enhancing homeless counts: Reflections on the adoption of new strategies for the 2017 homeless count in Metro Vancouver, Erika Sagert

What makes a home? Reconsidering dwelling standards from multiple perspectives, Nathanael Lauster

What can data tell us about housing in Vancouver? Jens von Bergmann

WHAT DO PEOPLE WANT? Panel Presentations

Housing preferences: matching supply and demand, Lili Friedler Shulman

Community enhancement survey, Carolina Ibarra, Sara Thiessen, Jasmine Lemelin, Jonah Erickson

Results from a multi-partner outcome evaluation of provincially funded supportive housing, Tammy Bennett

Focus on housing options for seniors, Elizabeth Tang


Knowledge translation and working with community groups or How to reach 6 million people with your research, Bernie Pauly, Derek Weiss, Geoff Cross

Multi-sectoral partnerships for social and affordable housing, Penny Gurstein

Mixed tenure redevelopment projects case studies & SRO renewal initiative case studies, Rebecca Siggner

shorter version of the 2017 Symposium schedule is also available. For more information on the larger Housing Central conference and individual pdfs of the many interesting housing related presentations, visit their website here.