Homeless Hub – national perspective


Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness: Home Page

  • Coalition reports from 2017
  • The Cycle of Impossibility: Pathways into and out of Family Homelessness: Report 
  • Patterns of Homeslessness in Greater Victoria: Report
  • One Night Only: Facility Count 2014: Report


No Vacancy: Affordability & Homelessness in Vancouver: Report

Vancouver Mayors Task Force on Housing Affordability: Home Page

  • Vancouver Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2012-2021: Report
  • Urban Infrastructure Challenge in Canada: Report
  • Housing Affordability and Accessibility: Report
  • More reports located Here

Housing FirstHome Page

Transition Houses

BC Society of Transition Houses: Home Page

  • More reports located Here


Centre for Youth and Society, UVic – Good practices in youth transitional housing

Evaluation research – Selected Journal Articles

  • Wallace, B., Perkin, K., Pauly, B. & Ranftt. (2015). Next Steps in community based research: Experiences from a transitional shelter evaluation. Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement, 8(1), 43-58.
  • Pauly, B., Wallace B. & Perkin, K. (2014). Approaches to evaluation of homelessness interventions. Housing, Care and Support, Vol. 17 (4):177 – 187.​

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