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Much research is taking place in BC on housing. Additionally, national research can have implications for BC initiatives. On this page you will find both research by our network partners and research that the PHRN is curating within four thematic areas. If you would like to submit research for Research Committee review and posting on this site, please send your information to:

Network Partners – Main Organizational Research Links

Here we have grouped some key research connections of the PHRN network partners. These links should give you quick access to reports and publications of the Network partners. If you are a graduate student seeking up to date BC research, we suggest that these links to research can supplement in a vital way your search of scholarly databases.

BC Housing: Research on best practices, tools, innovations can be found on the research and publications page.

BCNPHA: Research papers are available here.

CMHC: Publications and reports. This is a useful place to start with a range of search topics. When looking at their research briefs, CMHC offers the opportunity to select research related to socio-economic aspects or technical aspects thus streamlining the search process. Take a look also at the Housing Market and Information Portal. And finally the National Housing Research Committee

The PHRN Research Repository collects, stores and makes available BC based housing related research. Research materials captured and stored in this open access platform will include links to published reports, open access journal articles, conference papers, research studies, symposia presentations, policy papers and other curated material. Through the research repository, the network is investing in public outreach to ensure that research results are known to, and inform, housing stakeholders across the province. The repository will also be available for national housing stakeholders with an interest in evolving BC based research. Research quality will be critical to the success of the repository, alongside accessibility of the knowledge produced.

The Research Repository has 4 main pillars :

  1. Homelessness
  2. Technical and Green
  3. Economic
  4. Indigenous Housing

Again, please do not hesitate to email with any research you would like to submit for our review and posting. Thank you.


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