One of the central purposes of the Pacific Housing Research Network is to promote the dissemination and discussion of research results and lessons learned from research focused on housing affordability and sustainability. The network seeks to encourage its members to communicate and discuss ongoing research projects and to seek out and communicate opportunities to disseminate research.

The network includes post secondary based researchers actively working on: Housing justice, Future of public housing, Homelessness and harm reduction in shelters, Immigrants and housing, Death and life of the single family house. PHRN industry partners are conducting research and building tools for research and analysis including: Rental Index, Social return on investment, Seniors housing intentions, Construction standards. Graduate students interested in contributing to housing research in BC are welcome to connect with us. See our student opportunities, symposium, network communications and the MITACS accelerate program.

 The PHRN Research Repository

At this time, the PHRN is creating one research communication: a BC based research repository. The PHRN Research Repository collects, stores and makes available BC-based housing related research. Research materials captured and stored in this open access platform will include journal articles, published conference papers, research studies, symposia workshops, policy papers and other curated material. Through the research repository, the network is investing in public outreach to ensure that research results are known to, and inform, housing stakeholders across the province. The repository will also be available for national housing stakeholders with an interest in evolving BC-based research. Research quality will be critical to the success of the repository, alongside accessibility of the knowledge produced.

If you would like to submit research for Research Committee review and posting on this site, please send your information to:


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