Each year, the Pacific Housing Research Network (PHRN) holds a BC housing research symposium. The annual symposium offers a unique opportunity for scholars, practitioners and policy makers to explore together recent housing related research findings. The annual symposium reflects the primary goal of the PHRN to: facilitate multi-sectoral research focussed on housing affordability and sustainability, and foster dialogue and collaboration among housing researchers and stakeholders across BC to encourage the effective application of research results to housing solutions.

The symposium encourages the sharing of lessons learned from research and provides an opportunity to discuss ongoing research projects. Researchers engage in lively discussions with symposium participants including city planners, graduate students, non profit housing providers, builders, funders and those working to end homelessness.

Additionally, the PHRN is interested in encouraging students to consider housing as an area of choice for their career thus, the symposium gathers housing related research questions and student research.

Finally, there is much research still to be done to meet the goal of affordable and sustainable housing in BC. The annual symposium is an opportunity to ensure that those interested in furthering housing related research have access to information from funding partners across the province.