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The Real Estate Foundation of BC

The Real Estate Foundation’s enabling legislation, the Real Estate Services Act (BC), empowers us to support real estate and land use related research, public and professional education, and law reform, as well as other real estate and land use related initiatives intended for the public or professional good.

The Foundation’s overall aim is to transform land use attitudes and practices, thus contributing to resilient, healthy communities and natural environments. Our grant programs support progressive initiatives that address current challenges and plan for the future.


Vancouver Foundation

To harness the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money to make meaningful and lasting impacts in communities. Our purpose is to bring together community assets to address current and emerging community needs. To do this we take a broad view of philanthropy: we recognize that raising funds to tackle an issue is only part of any solution. We also engage citizens, organizations and governments, and invite them to work together and contribute their time, ideas, expertise and energy to an issue. We believe this is the most meaningful and effective way to make lasting improvement.

Youth Homelessness Initiative grants support community-based strategies that prevent homelessness among former youth in government care by enabling them to find the homes, resources and relationships they need in their transition to adulthood and attachment to community.


See also Health and Medical Education/Research and Health and Human Development granting streams.

MITACS Accelerate

Through Mitacs Accelerate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from over 50 universities apply their specialized expertise to business-related research challenges. Armed with the very latest tools, techniques, and innovations, the intern (a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow) brings a new perspective to the problem faced by the industry partner. Interns spend approximately half of the time on-site with the industry partner; the remainder is spent at the university advancing the research under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. Open to all disciplines and all industry sectors, projects can span a wide range of areas, including: manufacturing, technical innovation, business processes, IT, social sciences, design, and more.


SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants

Partnership Engage Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight program and the Connection program. They provide short-term and timely support for partnered research activities that will inform decision-making at a single partner organization from the public, private or not-for-profit sector. The small-scale, stakeholder-driven partnerships supported through the Partnership Engage Grants are meant to respond to immediate needs and time constraints facing organizations in non-academic sectors. In addressing an organization-specific need, challenge and/or opportunity, these partnerships let non-academic organizations and postsecondary researchers access each other’s unique knowledge, expertise and capabilities on topics of mutual interest. SSHRC welcomes applications involving Aboriginal research, as well as those involving research-creation.

Application deadline: March 15, June 15, September 15, December 15

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SSHRC Insight

The goal of the Insight program is to build knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world by supporting research excellence in all subject areas eligible for funding from SSHRC. Research and training in the social sciences and humanities provide the foundation for a vibrant, healthy and prosperous society. They advance knowledge and build understanding about individuals, groups and societies—what we think, how we live, and how we interact with each other and the world around us. Such research enhances our knowledge and understanding of the past and present, and informs our thinking about critical social, cultural, economic, technological and environmental issues, both within the research community and across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The Insight program aims to support and foster excellence in social sciences and humanities research intended to deepen, widen and increase our collective understanding of individuals and societies, as well as to inform the search for solutions to societal challenges.


SSHRC Connections

Connection Grants support events and outreach activities geared toward short-term, targeted knowledge mobilization initiatives. They represent opportunities to exchange knowledge and to engage on research issues of value to those participating. Events and outreach activities funded by a Connection Grant may often serve as a first step toward more comprehensive and longer-term projects potentially eligible for funding through other SSHRC funding opportunities.


Employment and Social Development Canada

Through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS), qualified organizations may receive funding for projects to help prevent and reduce homelessness in Canada. These projects are funded through regional and/or national funding streams.

Regional projects

Funding delivered regionally focuses on the needs of homeless and at-risk individuals at the local level, and aims to help individuals gain and maintain a stable living arrangement. The three regional streams are:

  • Designated Communities;
  • Rural and Remote Homelessness
  • Aboriginal Homelessness.

 National projects

The national funding streams help to develop a better understanding of homelessness based on local data collection, and make surplus federal real properties available to organizations that plan to use the facilities to address homelessness.

  • National Homelessness Information System; and Surplus Federal Real Property Initiative


Vancity Community Foundation

Here is a quick overview to help put you in the right direction:

  • VCF Strategic Programs: Funding is available for projects within our strategic focus areas of social enterprise development and community owned real estate (including housing).
  • Donor Advised Funds: Some of our donor advised funds are open to receiving grant proposals or applications that align with their fund purpose.
  • Some other funding opportunities within Vancity and our partners:

Vancity community foundation looking for funding

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